It’s Time For Marco Mendicino & Anthony Housefather To Leave The Liberal Caucus

No amount of criticism from within is enough at this point. They must send a message, and leaving the Liberal Caucus is the only way to do that.

Liberal MPs Anthony Housefather & Marco Mendicino have released a joint statement slamming he Liberal government’s disgusting decision to renew – and even increase – funding for the Hamas-linked UNRWA:


To their credit, both Housefather and Mendicino have been strong supporters of Israel, and have spoken out continuously against the surging anti-Semitism we are seeing in this country.

But at a certain point, enough has to be enough.

At a certain point, they need to realize that Justin Trudeau, Melanie Joly, Ahmed Hussen, and other top cabinet ministers have picked a side, and that side isn’t the Jewish community.

Trudeau has long been pandering to anti-Semites, and has repeatedly drawn a false equivalence between Israel and the genocidal Hamas terrorists.

Liberal cabinet ministers even spread false Hamas propaganda narratives, and then refused retract or delete those messages once the lies were exposed.

And so, it’s clear that no amount of internal pressure from MPs like Mendicino and Housefather is swaying Trudeau’s actions.

It’s also clear that – like the B.C. NDP Caucus, most of the Liberal Caucus are choosing the path of gutless cowardice and intend to surrender our nation to the anti-Semitic mobs.

Thus, it is long past time for Anthony Housefather and Marco Mendicino to leave the Liberal Caucus.

They must send a message, a message that all Canadians will hear, and leaving Trudeau’s government over his funding of Hamas-linked UNRWA would send a strong message indeed.

Spencer Fernando


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