VIDEO: Trudeau Forgets He’s The Prime Minister, Admits Immigration Has Surged Beyond What Canada Can Absorb As If He Had Nothing To Do With It

Imagine what Trudeau himself would have said if a Conservative made the same statement a few months ago.

A key reason many Canadians have lost faith in the legacy press is how Liberals are given a free pass for things the Conservatives get demonized for.

As an example, public opinion in Canada is decisively against the massive immigration increases that have taken place under Trudeau’s watch. Yet, if any Conservative politician gave voice to the views of the majority of Canadians on that issue, they would be denounced by Trudeau and the legacy press as ‘anti-immigrant’ or ‘bigoted.’

But as always, the moment the Liberals start to say the same thing, it becomes ‘acceptable’ in the eyes of the legacy press.

The legacy press also lets Trudeau get away with one of his most pathetic moves: Acting like some sort of distant observer of Canada’s decline rather than the person responsible for it.

Today, Trudeau brought both those trends together as he admitted that immigration has gone far beyond what Canada can handle while acting as if he isn’t the person who ordered those massive immigration increases:

“PM Trudeau says immigration to Canada has “grown at a rate far beyond what Canada has been able to absorb,” adding that “temporary immigration has caused so much pressure in our communities,” in relation to housing”

This is just appalling.

These immigration increases happened because Trudeau and the Liberal government wanted them to happen.

This is all on Trudeau.

He is responsible.

He is to blame.

And if he had a shred of self-awareness, he would resign.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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