WATCH: Andrew Scheer Holds Press Conference Responding To Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is widely believed to have failed to stem the tide of the PMO scandal.

Following Justin Trudeau’s heavily criticized remarks on the SNC Lavalin PMO scandal, Andrew Scheer is responding.

His remarks can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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pancake rachel corrie

the other wing of the libcon bird


In Trudeau’s mind, it’s a foreign concept that he should ever be held responsible for anything. He is so much like a child.

Bill Baerg

Who wrote that speech ! Or is it Andy’s inability to read a speech and if so he should have by now learned to GIVE a Speech! CONSERVATIVES HAVE HEARD??? Justin Trudeau AND THEIR PRIME MINISTER????

Bill Baerg

Politicians that break rules, should NOT be left to make new RULES.

Bill Baerg

No mention of the failure of the Media and most importantly, the government’s failure to take action on the 100,000 jobs that are now GONE, because of the actions of the Trudeau Government.

R William Donaldson

This is a very POOR video for distribution as there is a long irrelevant prelude of staff chatter while waiting for Scheer to appear. The clip needs editing. Badly.