While Trudeau Gives Our Tax Dollars Away So Companies Owned By Billionaires Can Upgrade Fridges, The Canadian Air Force Is Cannibalizing Old Planes For C-130 Parts

The defence of our nation continues to be ignored by those in charge, despite the fact that having a strong air force is essential to the sacred duty of keeping Canadians safe.

Canada only has 17 CF-130J transport airplanes.

But, due to the horrendous underfunding of our armed forces, there aren’t enough parts for the fleet.

As a result, Air Force is having to scrounge for parts and cannibalize other old planes to keep them in the air.

According to a Postmedia report, “There have been problems getting enough parts for the C-130J Hercules transport aircraft fleet, forcing the Royal Canadian Air Force to use wheels and tire assemblies from older Hercules on the new planes.”

“In 2017 an issue with avionics on one of the C-130Js prompted restrictions on the use of the aircraft fleet and a warning the problem was hindering the military’s support to efforts to fight wildfires in British Columbia and Manitoba. “The current CC130J fleet serviceability issue is initially assessed to have significant operational impact, as the currently routine transportation of people/equipment will be undermined by unreliability,” warned an update for military commanders in August 2017.”

While the government has claimed that they can’t get the parts from Lockheed Martin quickly enough, that is an absurd excuse, considering the size and scale of Lockheed Martin’s manufacturing and servicing capabilities.

The real issue is priorities, namely how the government spends the money they take from us.

Because, that $12 million the Trudeau government gave to Loblaw’s for some new fridges – despite Loblaw’s being owned by billionaires – could have been used in much better ways, such as helping smaller companies, or getting our Air Force the parts they need.

But that would require a government that actually cares about keeping Canada safe, instead of gouging our tax dollars and giving our money to the entitled elites for their endless virtue-signalling.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube