Conservatives Release Statement Following Maxime Bernier’s Inclusion In Debates

They aren’t happy.

The Conservative Party of Canada has released a statement following Maxime Bernier’s inclusion in the upcoming official federal leaders debates.

In the statement the Conservatives said “It’s no big surprise that Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked debate panel used a Liberal-friendly pollster who attacks Andrew Scheer to ultimately justify Mr. Bernier’s attendance at the debate.”

They added, “Trudeau has been stacking the deck for months, using the power of his office to tilt the playing field in his favour for this election. Mr. Scheer is looking forward to finally having the opportunity to debate Justin Trudeau about his secret plans to raise the carbon tax and tax home sales by as much as 50%.”

Spencer Fernando

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Jenny Hill



Well I think it’s great he got included, let’s hear another viewpoint. I think we should focus on getting the conservatives in this go around and maybe Maxime can build a large enough following for the next election, but he has done an amazing job getting a party started and having people in almost all ridings to run for gov’t.
Well done Maxime.

Joseph Pasher

It sure sounds like Andrew Scheer is afraid of a live debate against Max Bernier. Scheer with 27+ months against the worst PM in history, he has never commanded a lead in the polls that you like to believe in. Max might just very well have more elected seats than Scheer when the election is over.

Donald O'Kane

In the interest of freedom of speach and democracy I believe Bernier as leader of the PPC should be allowed to engage in the Debates. Scheer and the Conservatives should not fear Bernier and with Bernier debating could make the debates much more interesting. He has some off the wall ideas but that is what politics is about, diversity. My vote is for the Conservatives and that won’t change. This election is about taking all of Trudeaus power away from him and hopefully send him back to teaching Drama again or snowboarding. Lord knows he has added a LOT of… Read more »

Glen Aldridge

You don’t think that Mr. Scheer might just be a little bit afraid he will have to answer some tough questions do you? I mean to try & blame Max qualifying for the debate under the pretense that he doesn’t & The Liberals let Max in so he could discredit Scheer? Really? Did he not meet the changing rules that were put into play? Did they not try to keep him out? Now Scheer is claiming they put him in place? Maybe Scheer & Trudeau will be doing a NO SHOW at the debates!

David Henley

Considering what Mr. Scheer has done since winning a contested victory of the leadership, he has changed a conservative party into a centralist party. Has a problem with giving straight up answers. His platform is showing more of a liberal stand rather than a conservative value. His leadership won by dealing with a cartel in Quebec and more votes than voters. How do you trust someone who has already started in corruption. He believed that he would win by default and went after the fallen liberal voters. Giving up the conservative voters thinking he would just collect them because of… Read more »


It’s no big surprise the CPC are worried by Max and the PPC- they should be. If the CPC hadn’t drifted leftward, there wouldn’t BE a PPC party to syphon off badly needed votes and support.

Want a real conservative party to vote for?

Glen Aldridge

So Andrew’s latest Pitch, cutting Corporate Welfare is ANOTHER of Berniers ideas from the outset. Now that Scheer faces the prospect of having a debate with Bernier he has to steal this tax saving strategy in order to at least appear competent. Has he ever had an original thought or does he just adjust others ideas? In my mind if he is going to steal Berniers ideas he should have listened to him before splitting up the Conservative Party making them Liberal light.