Butts Jokes About UK Breaking Up Following Conservative Win

How nice of Butts to throw shade at our close ally in the UK. Where are his Tweets laughing at China?

Following the massive landslide win for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, top Trudeau adviser Gerald Butts decided to joke about the UK breaking up:

“The United Kingdom of England, Wales and the Falkland Islands is going to be a great country.”


Butts is implying that Scotland and Northern Ireland will split from the UK.

This is quite ironic emerging from Butts, as he and Trudeau have played a huge role in raising the risk of Canada breaking up.

Our country is more divided than ever because of Justin Trudeau.

And unlike Boris Johnson – who one a huge majority and easily dominated the popular vote – Justin Trudeau lost the popular vote and only has a minority government.

We also see another pattern from Trudeau and Butts: They love to insult our close civilizational allies in the UK and the US, but where are their snarky Tweets towards the ruthless Chinese Communist State?

With these hypocritical fools in power, no wonder Canada is in such serious trouble.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube