CPC LEADERSHIP RACE: Rona Ambrose Leads Among Core Conservatives In New Poll

Angus Reid survey puts the former interim Conservative Leader at 34% among core conservatives.

As the battle for the Conservative leadership begins in earnest, a new survey shows Rona Ambrose out in front.

According to the latest Angus Reid survey, Ambrose has 34% support among core conservative voters, those most likely to cast a ballot in the leadership race.

Peter MacKay is in second with 29%, while Pierre Poilievre is third with 16%.

Michelle Rempel and Brad Wall round out the top five.

The next tier includes Caroline Mulroney at 11%, Jason Kenney at 10%, and Kevin O’Leary at 9%.

Of course, some of the candidates included in the poll won’t be running the leadership race, and both Kenney and Wall have said good things about Ambrose.

Additionally, the strong numbers for both Poilievre and Rempel among core conservatives shows a potential appetite for candidates who are strong communicators and able to dominate social media as both Rempel and Poilievre do.

The poll did leave out some potential candidates, including MP Erin O’Toole, who is likely to make a second run for the CPC leadership.

So, as the leadership race unofficially gets underway, it’s looking good for Ambrose, while MacKay, Poilievre, and Rempel have good reason to believe they have a solid chance. And of course, there’s always the potential for a big surprise at some point, as most leadership races are incredibly unpredictable.

Also, it’s essential to note that ‘core conservatives’ are those who are most likely to vote Conservative, not necessarily party members, meaning these numbers can at best give a basic outline of where the party membership may be, while leaving much still to be decided.

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Donald O'Kane

My vote is for Pierre Poilievre, he takes Trudeau and his cronies to task at every opportunity. He is smart, well spoken and would be a great debater. He has strong ethics and seems to have Canadians interests at heart.

Gerald McGarrigle

Pierre Poilievre is my pick.


Rona Ambrose would be a great choice, she was really good as interim PM. Pierre Poilievre a smart strong man we may really need, a really good choice too. Michelle Rempel is a good choice too, very smart and stands for Canada together also. I also like Lisa Raitt, (her ideas on migration especially) her and Pierre Poilievre and Michele Rempel seemed to be a great strong Conservative values team together and speakers of common sense, wisdom, law and order, getting rid of the debt and heavy taxes and love a strong Canada free and prosperous, moving ahead with common… Read more »


Rona Ambrose was outstanding, but she left Federal Politics in 2017 for what ever reason, so we must consider she is burnt out and we cannot consider, further her French is poor and under pressure your French gets worst when not fluency! Pierre Poilievre is the person who has shown great attributes all around in his past performance. Best regards.

Garlet Farlett

Perfect, I’d vote for her, she was an excellent interim leader.


My number one choice as well.

Number Two would be Peter MacKay.

I also really like Pierre Poilievre and Michelle Rempel.

Gerri Page

Ambrose is a good choice but does she speak French? Obviously Quebec would not be happy if she didn’t know French.

D. Jerome Hauk

Is Rona bilingual?


Unfortunately, Brad Wall has said he has no intention of re-entering politics. Canada needs Kevin O’Leary to dig us out of the hole Trudeau has dropped Canada into.

Glen Davidson

OMG really , she is the Nikki Haley of the North. Canada is made of nothing but losers, if this is our choice for a strong and responsible leader we are doomed.

W Carter

Pierre Poilievre all the way. He’s intelligent, articulate, knowlegable and has the necessary assertiveness to cause the trudo/butts team many sleepless nights with his hard hitting questions.