WEAKNESS: Carolyn Bennett Can’t Even Get A Meeting With Unelected Hereditary Chiefs

This is what happens when lawbreaking behaviour is rewarded.

Carolyn Bennett, supposedly the Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister, can’t even get a meeting with some unelected hereditary chiefs.

That’s how weak and pathetic the Trudeau government has become.

They are now reduced to literally pleading for a meeting with a group of chiefs who don’t even represent their own community, and who have promoted lawbreaking behaviour while denying the democratic will of the actual Wet’suwet’en People.

Carolyn Bennett said this five days ago:

“Today I spoke with Chief Woos of Wet’suwet’en. Together with Min @scottfraserndp, we sent a letter to the Hereditary leadership reiterating our commitment to a joint meeting. We are open & available at the soonest opportunity.”

It’s been five days.

She still hasn’t gotten a meeting.

She keeps asking, but the hereditary chiefs don’t want to meet with her.

As you can see, the person who keeps asking for the meeting is the weaker one, and that just elevates those who have encouraged lawbreaking.

And as I said yesterday, this is destroying any idea of ‘reconciliation’ and is crushing the rule of law.

“If Trudeau meets with the unelected individuals who don’t represent their community and gives in to their demands, while ignoring the democratic will of the Wet’suwet’en People, he will fully destroy reconciliation and the rule of law will be henceforth seen as a pathetic joke.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube