This time, the discredited organization is having to walk back a claim on asymptomatic CCP Virus transmission.

The World Health Organization stunned many people when they suddenly announced that the CCP Virus (AKA Coronavirus) was not spreading through asymptomatic transmission.

The claim was a big surprise, considering that the WHO had previously claimed that asymptomatic people could spread the virus. That was itself a reversal from initial WHO claims, when they said people without symptoms could not spread the virus.

Now, the WHO has reversed themselves AGAIN.

They walked back their most recent claim, now saying that people without symptoms CAN spread the virus.

It’s a total debacle.

The WHO are supposed to be the so-called ‘experts,’ yet they’ve been incompetent all the way through. Their information has changed repeatedly, their advice has been contradictory, late, and unreliable, and they have clearly been corrupted by the Chinese Communist Party.

As a result, this latest reversal is simply the latest example that the WHO is a discredited and failed organization.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter