WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Thrashes Nightmarish Liberal ‘Fiscal Snapshot’

Another epic speech by the Conservative Finance Critic.

In an epic nine-minute speech, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre thrashed the Liberal ‘fiscal snapshot.’

The ‘snapshot’ is more like a photo of a disaster zone, with the budget deficit surging far beyond what anyone expected.

For this year alone, the Liberals are running a deficit of $343 BILLION, and the deficit is poised to surge far beyond one trillion dollars.

Poilievre notes that while the Liberals are trying to take credit for keeping the economy afloat, the real work has been done by the Bank of Canada, who simply created roughly $400 billion on a computer and injected it into the economy.

Additionally, Poilievre slams the Liberals for acting as if they have anything to do with low interest rates.

Of course, as we know, if interest rates start to surge, the mountain of federal debt will look like Mount Everest. And by running large deficits before the crisis while simultaneously weakening growth with anti-business policies, the Liberals have left Canada in a shockingly weak position.

You can watch Poilievre’s speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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I cannot comment, shocked, oh Canada, this breaks my heart. Thank you Spencer and Pierre Poilievre.


Ah Pierre, the most intelligent man in Canadian politics. His speeches reflect his sincere approach to government policies, completely the opposite of the liberals. The man is brilliant.


If Pierre was running we’d have a chance. I feel hopeless

David Henley

Liberals follow the guidelines for communist takeover. How do you outspent every country and produce the lowest outputs. Trudeau is taking this country into change that will recover from. The NDP has empowered this to happen and the conservatives give Trudeau undeniable control over this country. As we spiral into the depth of financial darkness we are losing the light that made this country great. The cost of recovery will be the hardest the people of Canada have ever seen…if we ever do. Liberals have regulated middle class out of existence. Enlarged the government and favour liberal base companies. When… Read more »