The Canadian Armed Forces Will Struggle To Recruit Until The Political Establishment Stops Attacking Canada’s Foundation

If an entire generation is taught that our country is based on nothing more than ‘colonialism’ and ‘genocide,’ and if those in power perpetuate that narrative, why would people join up?

Top leaders in the Canadian Armed Forces continue to warn that our ability to defend ourselves or assist our allies has severely declined.

In an interview, Chief of the Defense Staff General Wayne Eyre said the CAF doesn’t have enough personnel or equipment:

“The Canadian Armed Forces are still struggling to retain staff, with nearly 10,000 fewer trained personnel than they’d need to be at full force, and equipment stocks below what they require.

“We’ve got challenges in all of those,” Eyre said, adding the numbers reflect what’s been “let slip over decades, as we’ve focused on the more immediate (needs).”

Eyre said Canada’s military would be “hard pressed” to launch another large-scale operation like it had in Afghanistan, as an example, without having to redistribute its resources around the globe, as threats evolve.”

While there are key problems in terms of procurement, the issue with the CAF goes much deeper.

For years – especially since the Liberals took power – the political class has been demonizing Canadian history.

Trudeau called for Canada to be a “post-national state,” and has accused this country of committing an ‘ongoing genocide.’

Further, the far-left at many universities has perpetuated an anti-Western, anti-capitalist, and anti-freedom narrative.

And, Canadian founders and historical figures have had their statues desecrated and removed.

So, all the foundations of our nation are under attack. Canada was built on freedom, risk-taking, and entrepreneurship. For much of our history we had a strong and substantial military capability based on the understanding that freedom must be defended.

But now, why would someone join the Armed Forces of a nation whose own leaders seem to think it is evil, and who think its core founding values are wrong?

The fact that people still join up is a testament to the courage and national pride that still exists among many Canadians, but that is being whittled away slowly but surely by those at the top.

Until we return to a sense of Patriotism and respect for Canada’s core foundational values, the military will continue to struggle to recruit.

Spencer Fernando


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