Lucki Day: RCMP Commissioner Resigns

Brenda Lucki’s time in the role had been marked by controversy.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Luck is resigning.

You can read her full resignation statement below:

“Today I announced that I have made a personal decision to retire. This was not an easy decision as I love the RCMP and have loved being the 24th Commissioner. I am so incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to lead this historic organization and witness first hand the tremendous work being done each and every day by all employees from coast to coast to coast and internationally.

Since my swearing-in on April 16, 2018, we’ve made some great progress to meet the expectations of Canadians, our communities and our contract partners and I know that will continue after my last day on March 17, 2023. As Commissioner, I was asked to modernize and address the RCMP‘s internal challenges. This was a significant mandate and with the support of my senior executive team and the commitment of all RCMP employees, we’ve accomplished a lot.

I’m so proud of the steps we’ve taken to modernize – to increase accountability, address systemic racism, ensure a safe and equitable workplace and advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Our progress can be found on our website.

I leave knowing I did my best and take comfort that the RCMP is well placed to shine in its 150th year.

Brenda Lucki
24th Commissioner of the RCMP”

Lucki – appointed by Justin Trudeau to the role in 2018 – had been the centre of multiple controversies, including accusations that she attempted to leverage the tragedy of the Nova Scotia mass shooting in order to push Liberal government legislation on firearms.

Audio attesting to the pressure officials felt to go along with the Liberal/Lucki narrative was ‘lost,’ and then subsequently found.

Here’s what I wrote about it back in 2022:


“Does anybody realize what’s going on in the world of handguns and guns right now?” says Lucki. “The fact that they’re in the middle of trying to get a legislation going. The fact that that legislation is supposed to actually help police,” she adds.

When listening, you can also get a sense of the manipulative style of Lucki’s ‘leadership.’

She talks about feeling disrespected by those who aren’t willing to go along with her effort to push a political agenda, and then passively aggressively asks if she is being “too sensitive.”

It certainly seems clear that Lucki was trying to use her status as RCMP Commissioner to advance the political agenda of the Trudeau government, and was pressuring those who wanted to instead keep the RCMP neutral and play by the book.”

Following the release of that audio, the Conservatives called on both Brenda Lucki and Bill Blair to resign:

“We do not have confidence in this minister [Blair] to hold any position in this govt and he should resign immediately along with the RCMP commissioner,” says Conservative public safety critic Raquel Dancho as she responds to release of key audio in N.S. shooting probe.”

Lucki was also criticized for the RCMP response to the Freedom Convoy.

It was alleged that Lucki believed there was a path to ending the tension without resorting to the use of the Emergencies Act, yet declined to mention that to the federal cabinet despite having ample opportunity to do so.

Declining institutional reputation

The RCMP is a venerable institution, with a long history of helping keep Canadians safe while also being a symbol of national unity.

However, Lucki’s time in the role coincided with a decline in the perception of the RCMP among some Canadians, with perceptions that it had become overly politicized.

While much of the responsibility for that lies with Justin Trudeau, Lucki also played a role in weakening perceptions of the RCMP.

Now, attention turns to whether a new RCMP Commissioner will be an improvement.

Spencer Fernando


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