Parliamentary Committee Wants State-Assisted Suicide Expanded To Minors

The slippery slope gets steeper.

The idea of a “slippery slope” is often considered a fallacy or dishonest argument.

Claiming that allowing one change will lead to bigger (and often worse) changes has often been seen as a way to diver the argument from the issue at hand into something that is easier to oppose.

However, the slippery slope is looking more and more like an accurate representation of what’s happening in Canada in regards to state assisted suicide (or Medical Assistance in Dying).

The Liberal government and proponents of MAiD originally said it would be quite limited, only used to provide an option to people in truly dire physical condition with no chance of recovery.

Since then, the scope has expanded dramatically.

Stories emerged showing that MAiD was being offered to Canadian Veterans, and even being sought by people who were in poverty.

The federal government sought to expand MAiD to people who have mental illness, which caused a massive backlash and led to a postponement of such changes.

However, the slippery slope keeps on getting steeper.

Now, a Parliamentary Committee has recommended expanding MAiD to minors:

“Today the MAID Committee’s report was tabled in the HoC.

The report recklessly recommends expanding MAID.

It even recommends MAID for minors.

I presented the CPC dissenting report. Conservatives will fight this radical expansion to Trudeau’s already disastrous MAID regime.”

“In my country, they now want to provide assisted suicide for minors.

Report:“That the Government of Canada amend the eligibility criteria for MAID set out in the Criminal Code to include minors deemed to have the requisite decision-making capacity upon assessment.”


Canada is already an outlier when it comes to state sponsored suicide, and expanding MAiD to minors would be an even more radical move.

We increasingly live in a country where the government cracks down on our freedom to make a living, and our freedom to speak our mind, while the only ‘freedom’ they are keen on expanding is the ‘right’ to have the government help us die.

It’s increasingly disturbing and dystopian, and it’s a lesson that the slippery slope argument is often something we should heed.

Spencer Fernando


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