POLL: 71% Say China’s Election Interference Is A Major Threat To Canada’s Democracy

23% call it a minor threat.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to resist calls for a public inquiry into China’s interference in Canadian elections.

As noted in previous columns, this puts Trudeau offside Canadian public opinion.

And a new Nanos Survey makes this even more clear.

The survey shows a clear majority of Canadians see China’s elections as a “major” threat:

“It was recently discovered by CSIS that there was an organized Chinese-government effort to interfere in Canada’s 2021 election. Is this a (X) threat to our democracy?”

Major: 71%
Minor: 23%
Not a threat: 2%

Nanos Research / March 1, 2023 / n=1012 / MOE 3.1% / Telephone/Online”

Trudeau is likely counting on the 23% who see it as a minor threat, but that number simply isn’t large enough for him to benefit from politically.

Canadians are making it clear that China’s election interference cannot be ignored and should not be downplayed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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