WATCH: Under Sustained Pressure From Poilievre, Trudeau Finally Admits Israel Did NOT Bomb Gaza Hospital

Took him long enough. And in the time the lie lingered, Canada saw a massive surge of anti-Semitism.

Justin Trudeau has finally admitted what was already quite obvious hours after much of the media disgracefully repeated Hamas propaganda claiming an ‘Israeli strike’ had ‘destroyed’ a hospital in Gaza:

It wasn’t Israel.

Hamas lied.

Of course, Trudeau didn’t do so proactively, despite Defence Minister Bill Blair having issued an official statement on Saturday night indicating the government had concluded Israel was not responsible.

Instead, Trudeau only admitted the truth under sustained pressure from Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre:

“BREAKING: Justin Trudeau admits: “Israel did not fire a rocket at that hospital” after Pierre Poilievre blasts him for propagating disinformation then hiding.

Jewish run businesses have since been targeted & the leader of the Ontario NDP’s office vandalized in Canada.”

The lie that lingered

It took Trudeau about a week to finally admit what was known within hours of Hamas’ false claims.

Hamas claimed a hospital was destroyed, and claimed hundreds were killed in an evening ‘strike.’

By sunrise in Gaza, it was evident for the world to see that the hospital was still intact and standing, and the only visible damage was a small crater in the parking lot.

By then of course, there had already been anti-Semitic mobs gathering across Canada and much of the world, denouncing Israel based on media reports that were themselves based on Hamas’ lies.

The Liberal government – particularly Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly – jumped all over the reports, spreading them with reckless abandon and immediately defaulting to believing that Israel was to blame, despite the only ‘evidence’ being the claims of Hamas – a genocidal terrorist organization that lies endlessly.

Even worse, while some media organizations began to acknowledge their error and started walking the reports back, Liberal cabinet members continued to post and speak as if Hamas’ claims were true.

So, the Liberals made a deliberate choice to let the lie against Israel linger, and in doing so they made a deliberate choice to spread Hamas propaganda and contribute to the horrific surge of anti-Semitism we are witnessing today.

As you read this article, that surge in anti-Semitism continues, as the damage done by the Liberals’ willingness to trust genocidal terrorists gets worse and worse, with Trudeau having failed yet another test of ethics, morality, and leadership.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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