DISGUSTING: Melanie Joly Is Now Musing About A Ceasefire & Negotiations With Genocidal Hamas Terrorists

Joly is either too stupid to understand that Hamas cannot be left in power in Gaza, or she is pandering to Hamas supporters in Canada. Neither is even remotely acceptable.

Melanie Joly continues to disgrace herself and prove that she isn’t even close to having what it takes to be Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

At a moment when Hamas is being steadily defeated by the Israel Defense Forces, Joly appears to believe Hamas should be left in power, and that the genocidal terrorist organization should be treated as a negotiating partner.

Here’s an excerpt of what Joly said, along with it being noted how Joly is out of step with Canada’s allies and even the official position of the Canadian government:

“You know, we are all in favour of, that one day there will be a ceasefire,” Joly said. “That’s what President Macron said. But what France has said, it’s that currently, we are at the stage of calling for a humanitarian pause, because speaking concretely, we must evacuate Canadians, we have to ensure hostages are freed and we have to make sure more humanitarian aid gets into Gaza.”

She said it would also allow a form of “détente and so allow, I hope, even more negotiations at a negotiating table where there are Israelis, Hamas and Qatar which is present … as moderator.”

But Canada has never called for a ceasefire, never set out what it considers the proper “conditions” that might lead to one, and has never suggested that it would view Hamas as an equal party at any negotiating table — a position the U.S. expressly rejected this week, arguing it would be a propaganda victory for Hamas and legitimize their terrorist tactics.”

What Joly has said here is disgusting, for multiple reasons.

First, she is treating Hamas as if it is some sort of legitimate government, rather than as the genocidal anti-Semitic savages they’ve proven themselves to be.

Second, she is clearly projecting her view that Hamas will still be around when the war is over, which implies a defeat of the IDF, Israeli’s continuing to be at risk from Hamas’ barbaric terror, and the continued oppression of the Gazan population by Hamas.

As you saw above, even the Toronto Star had to note how off it was for Joly to hold up Hamas as an ‘equal party’ at negotiations, given Canada has never expressed that position and given that it has been explicitly rejected by the United States.

Stupid, or malevolent?

At this point, the question is whether Melanie Joly is simply too stupid to understand that Hamas cannot be left in power, or whether she is pandering to the pro Hamas mobs that have been oozing through the streets of our cities.

If it’s simply stupidity, then Joly can at least get credit for not being able to do any better. Of course, that still means she has no business as Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

If it’s malevolence, if she is deliberately pandering to pro-Hamas sentiments by proposing a future in which Hamas remains in power, then she also has no business as Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

Either way, it should be abundantly clear that Joly’s disgusting call for treating genocidal terrorists as legitimate negotiating partners disqualifies her from any role of significance in the Canadian government.

Joly is a disgrace, and she has to go.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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