WATCH: Jason Kenney Comments On Big Trans Mountain Pipeline Win

“Let’s get it built!” says Kenney.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has commented on the big Supreme Court win for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Here’s what Kenney said on Twitter:

“The decision at the Supreme Court today is a big win for the Trans Mountain pipeline, and a big win for Alberta.

Let’s get it built!”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Alberta and Saskatchewan need good news, Now the clean to the east pipeline needs to be put in too. Now we need to do the big “ketchup game”, Russia, China, Europe (mostly Germany), BC, the middle east have all been expanding their pipelines while we were dead stopped? for really stupid reasons, at huge loses to Canada and the great hardworking people of Alberta and Saskatchewan, whose oil and gas saves millions of Canadians lives.


Could this decision be what Horgan wanted all along? This way he can blame the SCOC and won’t be attacked by Soros, Tides and the other enviro-fascists. Hmmm.

alan skelhorne

however, I still don,t trust horgan from lala land british Columbia, they act just like California, spoiled, n have their own ways/ only time will tell.

Ron Shaw

Well that hardly took anytime at all . Send the BC NDP government the lawyers bill and the upcoming RCMP bills for past and future work interruptions .

Gary major

Hopefully this means that Horgan will stop the roadblocks to progress butt I doubt it!