BACKTRACK: Amid Massive Outrage, Liberal Heritage Minister Claims Government Won’t Impose Media Licenses

Given the fact that they were pushing the Communist-style media licensing idea in the first place, this denial cannot be trusted.

Amid massive and growing outrage against their Communist-style authoritarian media licensing plan, the Trudeau Liberal government is desperately trying to backtrack.

Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, who kicked off the outrage by saying the government would require media organizations to have government licenses, now claims that won’t happen:

“In Ottawa, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault clarifies his position on broadcasting & telecom review panel’s recommendations: “Let me be clear. Our govt has no intention to impose licensing requirements on news organizations nor will we try to regulate news content.”

Of course, Guilbeault’s comments directly contradict what he said just a day prior:

As a result, Guilbeault’s denial cannot be trusted. The Liberals tried to sneak through a total government takeover of our media, and then backtracked when they got caught.

But their intention and ideology is still the same, and they’ll try it again. That’s why we must continue to fight back and support independent media now more than ever before.

The fight has only just begun.

Spencer Fernando

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