Yet Another Poll Shows Liberal Support Dropping

Trudeau’s approval rating turns negative in Abacus Data survey.

With multiple surveys showing the Liberals losing support and Trudeau’s approval dropping, a new Abacus Data poll is showing the same trend.

Notably, Abacus is seen by many as a more Liberal-friendly pollster, so seeing the same trend of dropping Liberal support here is meaningful.

According to the survey, the Liberals lead the Conservatives by 4 points. The Liberals are at 34%, the Conservatives are at 30%, the NDP is at 17%, the Bloc is at 8%, and the Greens are at 6%. In June, the Liberals led by 11 points, so they have lost more than half their lead.

The regional breakdown is interesting:

In BC, the Liberals lead with 39%, with the Conservatives in second at 27%.

In Alberta, the Conservatives have 45%, with the Liberals at 24%.

In Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the Conservatives lead with 46%, ahead of the Liberals at 26%.

In Ontario, the Liberals lead only by 1 point, with 36% compared to the Conservatives 35%.

In Quebec, the Bloc leads with 33%, with the Liberals at 32%. The Conservatives are way back, with just 12% support.

In Atlantic Canada, the Liberals are at 44%, while the Conservatives are at 25%.

Impressions of Trudeau have also turned negative, with 41% holding a negative view, while 39% hold a negative view. While a somewhat more positive impression of Trudeau than other polls, this does confirm the trend of his support dropping among Canadians.

Also, a plurality of Canadians say the Liberals should get a new leader, with 44% agreeing with that statement. 30% say Trudeau should stay, while 26% say they are not sure. Even among those who voted Liberal in 2019, just 66% want Trudeau to stay, showing there are growing doubts about him even within his own party.

Clearly, the WE Charity Scandal is continuing to have a damaging impact on Liberal support, nearly wiping out the bounce the Liberals got in wake of the CCP Virus Scandal.

Spencer Fernando

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