7 Examples Of The Liberals Demonizing Canadians & Purposely Stoking Anger

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are trying to turn Canadians against each other.

The Trudeau Liberals have been the most divisive government in Canadian history, regularly trying to turn Canadians against each other by demonizing people and bringing hypocrisy to a massive level.

While the Liberals try pretending they are victims of this anger, they are the ones purposely stoking the anger the most, in pursuit of their selfish political benefit.

Here are ten examples of the Liberals demonizing Canadians and purposely stoking anger:

Trudeau Excludes Conservatives from crisis talks, disenfranchises millions

“Trudeau excluded Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives from CCP Virus Crisis talks, insulting and disenfranchising everyone who voted Conservative (the party that won the popular vote).”

Bill Morneau called Lisa Raitt a “neanderthal.”

“WATCH this exchange in Ottawa yesterday, where conservative Lisa Raitt challenges finance minister Bill Morneau over his fake-feminist budget, Morneau responds by saying he finds her questions “OFFENSIVE” and then goes on to call her a “NEANDERTHAL.” What a pathetic little man.”

Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “un-Canadian” for opposing illegal border crossings.

“After Lisa MacLeod – the Ontario Minister Responsible for Immigration – made clear that the Ford government wants border enforcement, and had the toughness to criticize the fact that illegal crossers are cutting in line ahead of those following legal processes, Hussen went on the attack.

He called MacLeod “Un-Canadian,” and insanely accused her of “fear mongering,” even though he’s obviously the one trying to scare and divide Canadians by demonizing those of us who want the border secured.”

Catherine McKenna implies Conservatives aren’t People or Canadians

“Across Canada, people agree that climate change is a threat to our country. I don’t understand why the Conservatives are hesitant to join Canadians in the fight against climate change. We’ll keep working with Canadians as we move forward with our practical and affordable plan.”

McKenna’s rhetoric here is very dangerous.

Note how she says “people agree” that climate change is a threat. Then, she says Conservatives won’t “join Canadians” to fight against it.

Do you see what she’s doing here?

She is using rhetoric to imply that Conservatives are neither people, nor Canadian.

Trudeau attacks Albertans, says Canada “belongs” to leaders from Quebec

“Trudeau said Canada “belongs” to leaders from Quebec, while saying “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work.”

Trudeau demonizes Canadian construction workers


“While in Argentina, Justin Trudeau did some more disgusting virtue-signalling.

He was talking about ‘gender budgets’ when he started to demonize construction workers.

He implied that having “male construction workers” in a “rural areas” had “social impacts.”

As if it wasn’t clear enough where Trudeau was going with his sexist rhetoric, he later said “women entrepreneurs make better choices.””

Gerald Butts compares Trudeau critics to ‘Nazis’

Gerald Butts Tweet

Butts did this while working for the Liberal government. Trudeau did nothing.

As we can all see, the Liberals are the increasingly dangerous and divisive force in this country, purposely stoking political rage and anger while trying to divide our nation.

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Spencer Fernando

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Garlet Farlett

8 – Trudeau’s gun ban which takes legally acquired property away from legal gun owners. Cost to the taxpayer estimated to be in the billions to pay for, and with ZERO gain in the fight on “gun violence”. Basically Trudeau said “F you, you don’t matter” to gun owners. He knows most of the 2.5 million gun owners in this country wouldn’t vote for that empty suit anyways, so he simply doesn’t care.

See you at the polls Capt. Crayon.

old white guy

Never attribute to malice that which stems from ignorance, or is the the other way around? Either way it shows an intellectual defect in the average Canadian.


Please don’t forget his reprehensible scapegoating of firearms owners.

Guy-Paul Roy

Stupid is as Stupid does.

Jacklyn Wellman

Great article! Now if Liberal supporters were not blindly following we’d be on a faster road to getting Canada back!


You missed one of the most important ones,Spencer : Trudeau’s LIBERAL decided gun ban.1,500 guns BANNED by ONE meeting and vote in an ‘Order in Council’ with ONLY Liberals present…Talk about a dictatorship…..
Trudeau IS the most dangerous man in Canada ….

Eileen McRae

I stated that back in 2014/15 in the lead up to the 2015 election. I outlined back then the numerous ways that Liberals were a divisive force and that the Canada of my youth was fading fast with respect to values, integrity, truth, fairness, respect, justice, etc. Five years later, it has come to pass! Canada is no longer that beacon of hope for a free world. The nation has become socialized and communized by a man-child who boldly told the nation that he had a certain respect for a communist regime such as China….. Liberals learned nothing from the… Read more »


Trudeau accuses small business owners of being crooks.

Bert McEwen

This is what you called Trudeau…you wear it…