Deny Government The Power To Impose Lockdowns & Restrictions

Politicians and public health officials should be limited to offering suggestions and advice.

Across the country, insanity reigns.

While places like the UK and even Australia rejecting new lockdowns (which is saying something considering how ruthless and zealous those countries have been), much of Canada is being plunged back into the most draconian restrictions.

In Ontario, even after the top public health official pushed for students to return to class, and even after the government initially seemed to be resisting the unhinged lockdown-obsessives, Doug Ford eventually caved as he always does, announcing what is basically a return to the restrictions that existed at the start of the pandemic.

In his remarks announcing the draconian restrictions, Ford ignored the fact that Omicron has proven to be less severe. Rather than acknowledge reality, Ford pushed fear once again:

“As you know, like in other provinces and countries around the world, Omicron case counts are rising exponentially across the province. We face a tsunami of new cases in the days and weeks ahead. And as we do, virtually everyone in this province will know someone who has been exposed to this virus,” Ford said during a press conference on Monday.”

Rather than return to classes, students will be going back to virtual learning. Ford is also closing gyms (a place he has clearly never used), closing theatres, banning indoor dining, and reimposing capacity restrictions.

The irony of this is that nearly all the places where vaccine passports were imposed are now closed.

The same politicians who claimed that vaccination was the way to ‘return to normal’ are now closing places that were only open to vaccinated individuals, a tacit admission of the complete failure of their vaccine passport policies.

Of course, that assumes that vaccine passports are actually about health, when they are actually about compliance and creating an ‘other’ for vaccinated Canadians to direct their anger towards.

Quebec becomes a fully authoritarian state

Quebec has long been trending towards being an authoritarian state, with their language laws and legislation like Bill-21 – laws based on the spread of fear and division built on unconstrained government power.

Now, the government of Quebec has fully given in to the authoritarian impulse.

“The world needs to mercilessly mock @francoislegault for this unscientific, tyrannical lunacy. The entire world from @joerogan to @TuckerCarlson – prohibiting people from walking their dogs from 20:00 to 05:00. Quebec has become a stain on the free world.”

“It’s 2am and just took out my puppy for a potty break. This is illegal in Quebec. Can we all agree that is insane.”

In line with the authoritarian attitude of the Quebec government, a clip of Justin Trudeau has surfaced with him using incredibly divisive rhetoric intent on generating hate towards unvaccinated Canadians:

“Justin Trudeau calls millions of unvaccinated Canadians misogynists, and racists who don’t “believe” in science. He has denigrated Canadians as disease-carriers many times, as a divisive ploy to get elected. His statement about science proves that he doesn’t even know what it is.”

The real problem

The following tweet sums up the way many are feeling:

“Today’s announcement is unfathomable. Unrelated to what side of the aisle you are on, within DAYS, this Government absolutely head faked its population. The motion sickness is dizzying. “Catastrophic”per Ford is an understatement. Politically, economically, mental health.”

The core problem here goes beyond any specific politician.

The problem is the very nature of government power itself.

In Canada, our governments are clearly far too powerful.

No politician, and no public health official should have the power to impose lockdowns or restrictions.

They should be limited to offering advice and suggestions.

They can hold their press conferences.

They can suggest that people avoid large gatherings.

They can advise businesses to close.

But they shouldn’t have the enforcement power to make that happen.

A strange view of human nature

Many statists, and those who feel reliant upon government power, seem to think that if the government doesn’t ‘do something’ then total chaos will result.

You can see that attitude when people assume there will be mass death in the absence of restrictions and lockdowns.

But let’s consider the following:

Imagine there’s a virus that killed 30% of those who were infected with it, and imagine it spread as easily as the average flu.

Do you think governments would need to impose restrictions in that case?

Or, do you think people would – based on their own assessment of risk – dramatically reduce their contacts and alter their behaviour?

Clearly, the latter is what would take place.

People wouldn’t need the government to tell them that there was danger.

The issue with covid is that it isn’t anywhere near as serious as the hypothetical virus discussed above.

About 98% of those infected with covid will recover. The true number is likely even higher than that, given that there are many asymptomatic cases.

So, to shut down our entire society, destroy the mental health of a generation, and ruin our economy, all for something that 99% of people will survive (and probably even more given the lower severity of Omicron), is absurdity.

Indeed, it does seem many have actually gone mad, as Dr. Robert Malone discussed in his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience:

“On Joe Rogan, Dr Robert Malone suggests we are living through a mass formation psychosis.

He explains how and why this could happen, and its effects.

He draws analogy to 1920s/30s Germany “they had a highly intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad””

For the many Canadians who are starting to wake up – after doing everything the government told them only to be denied a return to normal – it is essential that the focus isn’t simply on individual leaders, but on government power itself.

We shouldn’t have our rights and freedoms left to the whims of politicians and public health officials. Whether a business remains open, when we can go outside, who we can gather with, and in what numbers we can gather are all decisions that should be made by individual Canadians, not anyone in the government.

The problem we have in this country isn’t simply bad leadership, it’s a system that puts far too much power in the hands of government.

Until that system is changed, and until Canadians take our power back from the state, our freedoms will continue to be stolen away from us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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