REPORT: Justin Trudeau & Liberal Politicians Slammed For Massive CUTS To Healthcare Funding

Billions cut by the Liberals could have been going towards helping Canadians. Instead, the Liberals Slashed The Funding.

The Trudeau Liberals are being slammed for having cut massive amounts of projected healthcare spending, after their attempt to attack the Conservatives backfired and blew up in their face.

Earlier, Andrew Scheer released a promise to maintain the increase of health and social transfer payments to provinces.

The Liberals attempted to attack Scheer, claiming his promise was a cut, using Bill Morneau to deliver the attack:

However, following the Liberal attack, it was pointed out that the Liberals in fact are the ones who slashed BILLIONS in projected healthcare spending:

“Harper provided a healthcare funding increase of 6% per year to provinces.

Trudeau and Morneau cut that in half to 3%.

Yes, a healthcare cut. From Liberal politicians.”

You can even read the stats in the link here, that shows the spending increases change from 6% a year to 3% a year under the Liberals, representing a massive cut to health spending under the Trudeau government.

Curran also slammed a ‘journalist’ who tried blaming Harper for the cuts that Trudeau brought in, even though – as the link above shows – the cuts happened under Trudeau, not Harper:

“This is why you should never trust a self-described “journalist.”

Trudeau slashed healthcare transfers in 2017-18, removing tens of billions from the system.

And yet that’s somehow Harper’s decision.

What a crock.”

Trudeau Liberals spread deception and misinformation

The facts are undeniable: Justin Trudeau and the Liberals SLASHED BILLIONS in projected healthcare spending. Now, they’re trying to hide from their record of slashing healthcare by falsely attacking the Conservatives.

We can’t let them get away with it. Spread the word and share this post to help break through the Liberal lies and ensure the truth about Liberal Politicians Slashing Healthcare is revealed.

Spencer Fernando

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This is what the liberals did.Before 2005 all the health money transfers from the government were spent on the health.In 2005 Paul Martin gave the health money to the provinces without strings attached.That means they can spend the money as they see fit.What they did here in British Columbia they closed the hospitals Saint Mary,Shaugnesy,San Vincent they are the ones that I know about.Now in emergency one has to wait up to 3 hours and to see a specialist probanly 6 months.All because we have no enough hospitals.They control the health money and they use it as they see it… Read more »


Cannot look after the people who pay the taxes in this country but the criminal liberals have no problem giving away billions in foreign aide even to communist countries. Anyone who votes liberal this fall is a traitor to Canada.


Shouldnt they be commended?

Clive Edwards

Morneau is another lying sack of Turdo’s.

Nolan Diamond

Continue being morons, all you Trudeau Liberals, maybe your voters will abandon you 2019. The cost of living is increasing, thanks to you, etc.

LaVerne Keller

An all too typical Liberal reaction, trying to blame others for their own lies and deceptions, and passing the buck onto other levels of government to pick up their slack. These losers are pulling the same thing that the Chretien/Marten government did, robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak, in order to balance the books during their tenure in the nineties they cut the transfers for health and social spending from what had started out as a 50 50 split in funding between the provinces and the federal governments, to more of an 70/30 split between provincial and federal… Read more »

old white guy

I do believe that the conservatives under Ford have increased spending on healthcare by about 1.5 billion dollars. Sheer maintaining the liberals 3% is just maintaining, not increasing. Now if he increases it by 3% to go back to the level Harper had then it would indeed be an increase.

William Jones

Why would any sane person believe anything the Liberals say about anything since their entire contribution to Canadians has been a litany of lies — on every subject.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and Morneau say, cuts are what Conservatives do. The Liberals are either very forgetful or lying and more than likely are both . It was under the Jean Chretien government,1993 to 2002 , that Paul Martin, the finance minister, cut healthcare transfers to the provinces by 30%. Thus forcing all provinces and territories to slash their budgets by the same amount. So this latest healthcare cut is just more of the same tired lies and deceptions from the old red Liberal playbook, that says overtax, overspend and then make cuts and blame it on someone else; namely the Conservatives.… Read more »


Disgusting. These guys have the best health care money can pay ( not to mention their gold plated retirement) at the expense of the Canadian tax payer.

Big Priest'

It’s all fun & games, till an issue hits one of those liberal family members, then those liberals are going to be demanding more money be made available for the healthcare issue, that has stricken one of their family members.


They’re slashing healthcare spending as they’re bringing in more and more people into the system.

We’ll let the MP healthcare fund pay for all the new arrivals.
I’m sure a separate fund exists for them complete with all drugs kept in high supply.