REPORT: Chrystia Freeland Failed In Attempt To Get Investigation Into Killing Of Jamal Khashoggi

This doesn’t bode well for her new position as Deputy PM.

The Canadian political and business establishment regularly praises Chrystia Freeland, and Justin Trudeau has promoted Freeland to Deputy PM, tasking her with helping Canada’s crumbling unity.

However, while Freeland is popular in elitist circles, there’s isn’t really any record of accomplishment when it comes to her time in government.

Freeland was often ignored by other countries, without even being able to get her phone calls and requests for meetings answered by China.

On the new NAFTA, it’s been widely reported that Canada gave in on more than the United States did, and Canada has already watched more jobs leave our auto sector and head to the United States.

Freeland is great at getting positive media headlines – particularly in foreign newspapers – but there simply isn’t evidence to back up that praise.

Now, a new report indicates that Freeland tried, and failed, to get the UN to investigate the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

According to Global News, “One official, speaking on background, confirmed to Global News that Canada asked the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as others, to launch an investigation into the killing, which shocked the international community but has been met with apparent indifference among countries on some of the UN’s most powerful bodies.

“Canada raised the possibility of a UN-led investigation in discussions with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and other UN officials,” the official said.

But that request appears to have been rebuffed, and it’s not clear why.”

The report indicates that Canada couldn’t get any real support from the UN Security Council (not even from our allies), and “wasn’t prepared to go it alone.”

As we’ve seen repeatedly, Canada has basically zero influence in the world, as we don’t give other countries any reason to respect or fear us.

Freeland is regularly ignored and ‘rebuffed,’ and apparently only has credibility in the political and media establishment, while commanding little respect among the countries Canada deals with.

The same can be said of Justin Trudeau.

Both Trudeau and Freeland regularly show their inability to get results on the world stage, yet are able to hide their weakness and incompetence behind the shield of the Canadian establishment media who perpetuate the myth of Canada’s ‘influence.’

This doesn’t bode well for Freeland’s tenure as Deputy PM.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Christia Freeland and Trudeau are WAY out their league with foreign leaders,they are being laughed at behind their backs and that is fact

Dave French

NOTHING ever bodes well for the LIBERALS, it’s all UNFAVOURABLE outcomes,
it bodes are bad-harmful, so you better watch out.!!


The UN does not want anyone to tell them what to do. They are telling us what to do.
If Freeland and this government thought they were going to get some quid pro quo for signing on to all for the UN request for money, immigration, and climate change, we now see that was a big NO.
Imagine my surprise. Ya no, there is none.
We will all keep paying to be taken in and over by the UN if they are too blind to see the course we are on.


Yup, sticking our noses in places that don’t belong sounds right.
They fail to listen to their own population and expect the rest of the world would listen to what Trudeau has to say.
Even President Trump thinks he’s a joke.


They have no purpose or reason to be sticking their antagonistic unwanted and useless interfering noses into other countries business, they do not care to even look after this countries business with any common sense or solutions, I still wonder why these doom and gloom foreign puppet rulers were put in place in Canada, they do not belong here either????


Agreed, Spencer. Where is Trudeau hiding? The Libs seem to be doing a good job getting the Media to make it all about Scheer rather than the complete incompetence and failures of Trudeau. The Conservatives have had to contend with Obama’s campaign team and the far-left grovelling paid-for Media. There is a common term for those that sell themselves for money.


old white guy

No rational person really cares about what happened to a member of the muslim brotherhood. By the way jokers I did not already say this on this thread.


It’s time to realise Canada has no influence in the world. Only Canadians brainwashed by the Canadian media think Canada is some influential member of the international community. And so what? It doesn’t matter. Only the US and China really matter. Countries need to focus on what happens within their borders and stop trying to tell others what to do. And forget about the UN. It’s run largely by third world dictatorships. Why would they support an inquiry into Khashoggi’s death? It might jeopardise their ability to “fix “ problems in the future.