WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Rips Trudeau’s Failed CCP Coronavirus ‘Response’

MP slams Liberal government for leaving the border open and ignoring warnings.

While the biased establishment media continues to try and spin and cover up the failed CCP Coronavirus response by the Liberal government, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre is pushing back.

In a strong press conference, Poilievre went through the timeline of Liberal government failures, accurately noting that the government ignored many warnings – including warnings from Canadian Military Intelligence, and left the borders open to tens of thousands of people from China – including about 2,000 people from the virus epicenter of Wuhan.

This is exactly what Canadians need to be seeing and hearing, as Poilievre cuts through the biased media BS and exposes the true scale of the government’s failure.

You can watch the video below:

“Trudeau is using our money to compensate us for his failures. The least he could do is stop punishing people for working.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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