Trudeau’s Policies Would Deny You The Lifestyle He Enjoys

Criticism of his vacation is driven in large part by the hypocrisy of Trudeau and other economically destructive politicians of his ilk.

Under usual circumstances, most Canadians wouldn’t begrudge the Prime Minister taking a vacation now and then.

But these aren’t the usual circumstances.

The circumstances are that the Prime Minister has devastated that travel/tourism industry in this country, has forced Canadians to use an invasive app that is causing chaos at the airports, has imposed carbon taxes and inflationary policies that rob us of our hard-earned money, and is seeking to purposely lower the standard of living.

This Tweet accurately sums up why Canadians are so angry:

“Trudeau, promoting Vacation in Canada, he flies to Costa Rica.

Trudeau, adds taxes to fuel to fight the “climate crisis” he flies to Costa Rica.

Trudeau, has a Country on the edge of a recession with FOOD and ENERGY POVERTY, he flies to Costa Rica.

This is “YOUR” leader.”

It is a fair point to ask why Trudeau left the country.

Shouldn’t the leader of the country vacation within the country, especially when the tourism sector is so damaged here at home?

Why fly to a foreign country for a vacation at a time like this?

Denying you the lifestyle he enjoys

The deeper issue here is that Canadians can sense that Justin Trudeau wants to deny us the ability to easily afford travel and financial independence, yet he is happy to flaunt that kind of lifestyle.

Even worse, he’s not paying for it himself, as this is all on the taxpayers dime.

If Trudeau was someone who wanted Canadians to succeed, and favoured lower taxes and limited government, people wouldn’t be nearly as angry. But that’s not who Trudeau is.

He would gladly see more and more Canadians impoverished and struggling financially, while exempting himself from any kind of sacrifice.

But for Trudeau, his hypocrisy enrages millions of Canadians.

The Neo-Communist way

Trudeau’s hypocrisy is well in keeping with his Neo-Communist mindset.

As much as the Communists talked about ‘equality,’ what they really meant was that everyone would be equally poor and subservient to the state, while a select few in the government would live like kings.

All throughout history, the top Communist leaders lived luxury and lavish lifestyles, granting themselves the kind of privileges they brutally denied to others.

Indeed, it’s only in capitalist nations that regular people could end up living lifestyles similar to – or even at times exceeding – those of the political ruling class.

Hypocrisy is the Neo-Communist way, and they will gladly live a life of luxury while using state power to make sure you can’t have the same opportunities.

That’s why the ideology of Neo-Communism and its promoters must be defeated. We must restore our rights and our freedoms, and ensure that Canada is a place where productive and hard-working Citizens can achieve our dreams.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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